In service to your vision

Whether you’re looking for an image, animation or application, we utilize a tried and tested process that highlights your design and tells a captivating story.

Picture of the front of Visionshuset

Architecture visualization

We aim to convey the feeling of a place: the mood, the atmosphere, the experience. Spark people’s imagination and create a longing for a place that doesn’t yet exist. In our process we explore the best ways to highlight key design ideas and enhance the values of the architecture. The images can be fully 3D rendered or a photo montage combining rendered elements, site photography and other visual elements.

Product visualization

Bringing your product to life and showcasing your brand in the very best and most eye-catching way. We can help you visualize the product in the early stages of the design process or boost your sales and marketing efforts – even well before production. The visualization can be created from sketches, photos, drawings, specifications or other CAD formats.

Architecture visualization image with a sunset and a solar egg


Explain, educate, entertain. Show houses and products from all angles and in different environments, or how a building changes throughout the day, seasons, or with different use. By combining 3D with film and drone footage we can showcase your design with a compelling animation that creates a lasting impact on potential customers.

Virtual tour

Boost your visibility, your sales, and enhance your brand image with a virtual tour of unbuilt architecture or future environments. An amazing feature for property marketing, as customers can explore a development from a first-person perspective on a computer or mobile device.

Concept illustration

In the early stages of a project, you may need a rough sketch of your vision that conveys the basic idea and concept, without going into detail. In those cases, we can produce images that highlight your vision in a non-binding but imaginative way, to help kick-start the process.

Other services

As part of visualization projects we can supply landscape photography and aerial shots using a drone. We also offer interactive web solutions, such as apartment selectors or sun studies. Contact us for more information.

A multidisciplinary approach

With fresh eyes and open minds our creative teams carefully tailor-make the artwork for each client. We work collaboratively and combine our various services to achieve their specific goals and objectives. Always with a strong focus on the final customer’s experience.