Obsessed with creating soul food. Not fast food.

As visualization technology is evolving at a rapid rate, the dedicated team at Soul see it as their mission to give every project a unique creative expression. Andreas Skoglund and Jill Wallqvist explain why.

“Of course we can make highly detailed, photo-realistic visualizations, but that’s what you expect right? Our mission goes beyond that, we want to catch people’s attention, inspire and evoke emotions,” says Jill Wallqvist.

When the company rebranded from Zynka Visual to Soul, it was to reflect their mindset and role. Contrary to being a digital factory that spits out a bunch of generic 3D visualizations, Soul are engaged advisors that work closely with their clients to convey the designer's vision and inspire clients and stakeholders.

“We understand the industries we operate in and that contributes to a smooth and creative working atmosphere. Through our experience in interpreting technical information, we can quickly identify and highlight the most attractive human aspects of each project - whether it's architecture or product design,” says Andreas Skoglund.

Their vision is to constantly improve Soul’s industry position and create lasting values for clients, consumers and society. It’s not just about the end product, above all the team wants to establish long-term relationships with their customers, so that they can realize ideas that make a difference.

Through our experience, we also provide guidance on the process and give you strategic and creative input.
Jill Wallqvist

“As a potential client you should know that our desire is to not only to deliver stunning visuals. Through our experience, we also provide guidance on the process and give you strategic and creative input. We dig deep into every task we undertake and want to create something that you'll be proud of. That’s how we drive development,” says Jill Wallqvist.

When she joined the company as 3D illustrator it was instant chemistry. Today Jill Wallqvist is partner, creative director and office manager, setting the direction for the company together with Andreas Skoglund.

“Me and Jill really complement one another well. We share the same values and want this to be a place of work where people thrive and take pride in what we, as a collective, create,” says Andreas Skoglund.